Energetics Technology Center


TechFire is Southern Maryland’s technology business incubation system designed to decrease technical and business risk for high-tech companies. TechFire is a hybrid model created from the best practices of several successful Maryland and national technology business incubation systems. We inspire smart and sustainable Southern Maryland business diversity, through expertise in coaching and mentoring, built upon the reputation of our parent company, Energetics Technology Center a 501(c)(3) non-profit, research and development services firm. TechFire’s vision is a healthy, technology-driven, entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports a robust, diversified Southern Maryland economy, built upon the intellectual capital that TechFire ignites throughout our region. Resident and/or affiliate membership provides not only space and a well-connected resource network, it also provides support, in the form of coaching and mentoring services. TechFire mentors assist with product development, achieving a sound customer base and back-office needs by partnering with knowledgeable service providers and tech businesses in our innovation network. Through ETC, TechFire also provides science and engineering expertise from technical business professionals and serial entrepreneurs who have been there before.