About Maryland Business Incubation Association

The Maryland Business Incubation Association (MBIA) was founded in 2002 to advance business incubation in Maryland. Representing 23 incubators, MBIA supports nearly 550 companies across the state in both urban and rural areas. Since its inception, our incubators have generated 11,800 jobs, making it equivalent to one of the state’s largest employers.

Our incubators reflect the diversity of industry in the state, from biotechnology to IT. We continue to evolve to capture and grow the latest technologies that our economy generates, most recently in clean tech and cyber security.

Our models of incubation have evolved to respond to the needs of our companies and the demands of the marketplace—from traditional lab space for longer gestating engineering and bio technologies to co-working and accelerator models for software, digital media, web and mobile app technologies.

Our objectives are focused on promoting the interests of our incubator members and creating an environment to enable our companies to succeed. Our objectives are to:

  • Enhance the visibility of incubators among state and local stakeholders, including elected officials, business leaders and higher education leaders;
  • Promote the interests of incubators in policy making and legislation;
  • Support the goals of economic development locally and in the state; and
  • Provide a forum for incubator managers to exchange ideas about best practices for effective operation of our incubators.

We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about MBIA, our incubators and our companies.