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  • 1,750


    Since 2002, more than 1,750 companies have been incubated in Maryland. Today, nearly 550 companies can be found within or affiliated with the more than 20 incubators within MBIA.

  • 11,800


    Since 2002, incubator companies have gone on to create more than 11,800 news jobs in Maryland and that number continues to grow each and every day. Incubators foster job creators.

  • 550


    Maryland’s incubators currently nurture nearly 550 businesses, from tech companies to biotech, med tech, and green tech, to digital media and cyber security companies. The diversity of businesses within and graduating from our incubators, reflects the diversity of resources available to Maryland startups.

  • $MM+


    Maryland’s incubation network has helped foster several multi-million dollar companies that continue to operate in Maryland and support local jobs.


"Incubators help drive economic development by giving entrepreneurs a place to turn new ideas into companies that create jobs and wealth."


Larry Twele, CEcD
President, Maryland Economic Development Association

"Incubators will be the driving force of community because each already has a strong nucleus from which to build, community members that already interact with others based upon technology and most importantly, supporting interaction with peers, mentors and advisors, which is the most valuable contribution an incubator can make to assure the success of its companies. This spirit of collaboration and community building has already been evidenced by the sharing of best practices among the incubators and an annual awards ceremony celebrating incubator companies from around the State. With this spirit of collaboration and community building, it’s hard not to get excited. TEDCO certainly is!”

Rob Rosenbaum
Past President and Executive Director of TEDCO